Unworthy, But Provided For 7/26/20

At times, Christians can lose sight about some of the fundamental truths or reasons that Jesus came to die for our sins. This week’s message tackles one of these topics. One of the reasons Jesus died on the cross was to give us direct access to God the Father. 

Exodus 19 and Leviticus 16 give some very explicit instructions on how God was to be approached in the Old Testament. Very specifically, there was a veil that separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the congregation. This veil was to keep the temple from being defiled by the unclean. Only one time a year could the High Priest enter past the veil and he had to have a blood sacrifice with him. The thing was that under the Old Testament Law, ordained by God, the sacrificial blood offering could not remove the people’s sin. It was only meant to be a covering of their sins. The fact that only one person could enter past the veil and only one time a year, shows just how unworthy we were under the Old Testament law. 

Yet, we are provided for! Hebrews 9 gives us a refreshing reminder on why Jesus died for us. Jesus died to give us access to God. The veil was literally torn so that we may enter the Holy of Holies by ourselves. We no longer needed to have someone intercede on our behalf. Think about what this means. As Christians, as people of God, we GET to dwell in the presence of God. We should be grateful for this opportunity. It is not about the things (bills, works, worries or COVID) of this world, our lives should be built around being in God’s presence. 

Our attitudes should lead us in such a way that we always act like we are in His presence. If the church would spend more time in His presence, the world would be better. Instead, many Christians have forgotten this important reason for Jesus’ death. They treat his death, the tearing of the veil as a trivial thing that should be acknowledged, but not necessarily followed. If people would only spend more time in His presence, their behaviors and attitudes would change. One morning in prayer gives you a full day’s worth of authority!

To view the service & listen to the full sermon by Pastor Danny on 7/26/20 click here: Unworthy, but provided for