Take Up Your Authority – 7/5/20

Take Up Your Authority

There comes a time when the learning must turn into practice. In the church today, there is a lot of learning but little practice. There is little practice because people fail to take up the authority and put it to practice. Luke 9:1-2 says that when Jesus sent out his disciples, He gave them both power and authority. Given everything going on in the world today, now is the time for us to exercise the authority that God has given us.

We do this through understanding a few facets of God’s authority in our lives. Authority is ours because it has been given to us by Jesus. We have it no other way. Authority does not beg; it commands. A great example of this is from Luke 7:1-10. It is the interaction of Jesus and a centurion. In this interaction, the centurion understands authority and that Jesus authority extends beyond his physical reach. All he had to do was to command healing for the centurion’s soldier and it would happen. Jesus spoke healing with authority and his words had power. He has given us this power today.

God’s authority is used in two other ways. The first is that authority is not a selfish act, but it serves others. Jesus taught that the “…Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (see Matt 20:25-28). We see this type of authority lived out every day when we look at EMTs, firefighters, police and the military. They exercise the authority that has been given to them for the good of others. In the same way, we have the authority to help better people’s lives. Authority is also used to communicate a message. Matt 28: 18-20 tells us that we have the authority to use His message to set captives free, to heal people, and to demonstrate that His love changes people. Jesus’ authority has been granted to us so that we may spread his gospel – the Good News.

Grab hold of God’s authority in your life. Take it, use it for the good of others and to spread His message. It has the ability to transform and to give peace, hope and love!

To view the service & listen to the full sermon by Pastor Armand on 7/5/20 click here: Take Up Your Authority