Reality Check – 6/28/20

Reality Check

We all need reality checks at times. Reality checks are warnings sent to keep us from many issues that could lead to calamity. Deuteronomy 9:1-6 is a great example. Moses is giving the Israelite people a message to inform them of a past, present and future truth: God is in control, not his people. Moses’ warning really deals with two components: pride and grace. Pride is a stumbling block for everyone and can be one of the most harmful sins to your faith. Grace, on the other hand, is a blessing meant to humble us for His glory.

There are a few components to pride to be alert for. The first is comparison. Comparison is one step away from envy; which means that you feel you deserve better than someone else because you are better than them. Comparison tends to take your eyes off the blessing God has in your life and looks at the blessings in other’s lives. The second component of pride is defensiveness. Not being able to accept criticism or not being able to stand up for your mistakes is a sign of pride. Pride does not notice its own mistakes, just others. The last component to be on alert for is self-obsession. The problem with self-obsession is that it does not leave room for anyone else. Not your friends, family, and certainly not God.  

Therefore, Moses reminds the Israelites of what is to come when they cross over the Jordan. They are to face people who are bred soldiers. People who are physically bigger and who have walled cities. Moses also reminds them that they do not deserve what they are receiving. That they are only receiving the land because of the grace of God!

The grace of God was needed then as much as we need it today. After all, we are saved by grace (Eph 2:8-10) and any work we do for Him is by grace (1 Cor 15:10, Rom 12:6). Which leads us to three points that grace teaches. The first is the grace is greater than your enemies. Romans 6:14 tells us that we are no longer under the law, but under grace. God’s grace is bigger than any enemy there may be. The second point is the grace is greater than your failures. The Israelites had major failures; they were far from perfect (like we are today). Grace says your past failures do not define you, grace defines you. The third point is that grace fulfills God’s promises. The promises of God are not determined by our goodness or worthiness, but are based on His integrity and power! Not by our powers, but by His.

The reality is that pride will bring us down and hold us back. Thankfully, the grace of God is available to everyone today. So, stop trying to make God’s promises happen. Instead, take heed of His reality checks and rest on the power of God. 

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